CrossPay is a user-friendly electronic business system that offers new resources and extensive functionality. Once connected and configured, you will be able to significantly expand the company's payment functions. Various tools for performing daily tasks are presented. Some ready-made products and complex solutions for business are offered: payments on payment cards, access to terminal networks throughout Ukraine, Internet acquiring etc.

More features with the CrossPay payment system

CrossPay combines effective and advanced solutions for online business development. The platform provides the following tools:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange on favorable terms for the client.
  • Accepting payments from customers. This feature is set via a Telegram bot in the absence of its own website, or a payment module is integrated on the company's website.
  • Mass transfers throughout Ukraine are carried out in a single click. The maximum amount is 150 000 UAH per card.
  • Connection to terminal networks operating on the territory of Ukraine. There is access to 23 000 terminals across the country.

CrossPay has in its arsenal all the necessary payment tools. The platform allows to significantly improve customer relations, as well as significantly expands opportunities of working with customers throughout Ukraine and even abroad. Now business is possible all over the world. Connection to the system guarantees round-the-clock technical support and secure payments in accordance with the law. Individual solutions are offered, depending on the direction of the business and its needs.

Open and user-friendly API. Quick and easy integration

To guarantee prompt payments, it’ll be enough just to connect to a convenient and fast API. This is an effective method of financial management. You can perform a wide range of tasks with one operation. Other features of the platform include:

  • performing anonymous transfers;
  • making payments in national currency;
  • the maximum amount of payments per card — 150 000 UAH;
  • refund for card payment;
  • convenient tracking of all transactions through the user's personal account;
  • several possible ways to send money through the service — you can use your website or your personal account on the platform.

The system works quite simply. The user replenishes the balance in a convenient currency. Next, you need to choose the method of sending the funds. Then you pay the money only with a single click. Money comes instantly. Amounts exceeding 14 500 UAH are automatically divided into several transactions, that’s why the transfer can take a few minutes.

Convenient and informative personal account

All payment tools are available to the user through a personal account. When connecting the system, your electronic arsenal of financial management significantly expands. You can easily control all transactions through the online service. The details of each operation are accessible at all times. The personal account has the following tools:

  • details of each transaction;
  • analytical data;
  • transaction history;
  • detailed balance;
  • instant payout notifications.

A simple and user-friendly interface ensures secure online transfers. You can view detailed data, as it is accessible at all times.

Ready-made solutions for accepting payments

The payment system provides the user with innovative bank payments and tools that meet the needs of any modern business. The services are suitable for the following areas of activity:

  • freelance;
  • travel companies;
  • online business;
  • info business;
  • online businesses without a website;
  • crowdfunding platforms.

Ready-made solutions already include all the necessary tools that meet the needs of a particular sphere of business. They provide an opportunity to significantly improve the transfer of funds to pay for services or use cryptocurrencies. Complex solutions guarantee a quick result based on the personal needs of each client.

How does it work?

The main task of CrossPay is to improve business processes and the level of performing financial transactions. Modern solutions are used for this purpose. All tools for the efficiency of business processes are gathered on one platform. Just choose a ready-made package of solutions that meet all the needs of the user. Once integrated, all features will be available round-the-clock.

Why us?

CrossPay has been operating for ten years. During this time, effective and efficient programs have been developed. Among the advantages:

  • more than 150 000 successful transactions;
  • 25 working online services;
  • 137 000 transactions made in the last working month;
  • more than 15 000 active customers.

This solution is suitable for different areas of activity. Toolkits and specific automated process services are now available online. Just place an order through the website to get all the benefits of this technology.